I strolled along the streets of Dublin with David, following Leopold Bloom's footsteps and thoughts. Modern Dublin gave way to early-20th-century Dublin, and Bloom and Dedalus accompanied us once we emerged from The Palace Bar. We saw the monuments to Joyce and his superlative novel that Dublin has erected. But most importantly, I found a fellow being who loved the book as much as I did. It was less of a tour and more like a walk with a dear and like-minded friend. David is an excellent guide and he is adaptive. He knows how to mold the few hours discovering, or re-discovering Ulysses based on the person, or persons, he is with. I can only highly recommend this tour to anyone with any interest in James Joyce.

Brandon AApril 2019

My book club read Ulysses and rewarded ourselves with a trip to Dublin. We took the Ulysses walk with David and it was a highlight of our trip. He was engaging and definitely knows the book inside and out. I enjoyed the passages he read and offered explanation for, and the places he chose as his stops were not all fictional, he showed us Dublin through a James Joyce lens. I know we took way more of his time than bargained for, but he was extraordinarily accommodating. We ended at Sweny’s Pharmacy and then had a pint across the street at Kennedy’s. It was a fascinating afternoon, and I may even tackle a second reading of Ulysses! Even without having read the book, however, this tour would be very enjoyable.

kbfloJanuary 2020

Whether or not you have read Ulysses, you will come to know Dublin on a deeper level with this excellent walking tour. David weaves together the locales, the fictional characters, the literary genius, and passages from the novel to create an enriching understanding of James Joyce and the Dublin of 100+ years ago. This is not a "hop-on hop-off" checklist of the city, but a chance to savor the flavor of Dublin as you are guided through alleyways, darkened pubs and quiet reading rooms. David's tour was well-paced and engaging throughout. I couldn't have asked for a better guide to old Dublin or for a better instructor on Joyce.

Kathleen LJanuary 2020

Dave is a wonderful tour guide; funny, engaging and full of knowledge on Joyce and his times. He starts off in the Palace Bar, winds his way through the Temple Bar area, heading over to Grafton St., Davy Bryne's, and the National Library, ending at Sweny's Pharmacy, with a surprise stop in between. This was a highlight of our Dublin trip. Well worth the time, even if you have never read the book.A wonderful afternoon... we would highly recommend.

rdinapSeptember 2019

Like most people we had given up after the first few pages of Ulysses but David Halpin's gentle erudition and deep understanding of a literary masterpiece is an inspiration. From the opening visit to a genuinely traditional Irish bar to the pharmacy at the finish of the tour, pausing along the walk for refreshment in the restaurant where Leopold Bloom takes his lunch ( try the gorgonzola sandwich with mustard as he ordered - it is surpisingly good ) the whole experience was a delight. We even got to see a hidden sculpture of James Joyce which is a modern work of great artistry. Everything is explained in David's soft Dublin tones - you don't notice how quickly the time passes or how much you have learned.
A wonderful afternoon... we would highly recommend.

davidpatricia21January 2020

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