The Ulysses Tour

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The Ulysses Tour is Culture Tours most popular walking tour. The experience is designed to explain the history and legacy of James Joyce’s magnificent novel. The tour begins in one of the city’s most treasured literary pubs – The Palace Bar – and ends at one of Joycean Dublin’s crown jewels – Sweny’s Pharmacy. Created as a forum for conversation the tour aims to address two central questions: why is Ulysses considered one of the greatest novels in world literature, and why is it considered so difficult to read? Starting with a sit-down introduction, the tour develops into a relaxed stroll through the streets of Dublin exploring this famous book and its relationship to the city of Joyce’s youth – the city that he told us was written in his heart. Along the way you will visit famous landmarks and impressive artworks, and delight in hearing music, readings, and stories from Joyce’s life and work. If you have read the novel you will relish the experience of having it sharpened into focus by a big fan, and if you have not, this 3-hour interactive experience is the perfect introduction. There is no better way to discover the wonders of Dublin’s greatest book.


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