The Literature Tour

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Dublin has been called home by some of the world’s greatest writers, each with their own unique contributions to world literature. Join your passionate guide for a walk through the streets, pubs and museums of the city to learn about the lives and listen to the words of some of Ireland’s most famous poets, playwrights and novelists. This wonderful walking tour will take you back to the 18th Century with Jonathan Swift, the godfather of modern satire; around the leafy surrounds of Merrion Square with Oscar Wilde; in and out of Irish history with the National Poet W.B.Yeats; through some treasured Dublin pubs with the literary renaissance men Patrick Kavanagh, Brendan Behan & Flann O’Brien; and inside the minds of the great James Joyce and his genius protege Samuel Beckett. As with all Culture Tours, this tour flows like a conversation so don’t be surprised if Seamus Heaney, George Bernard Shaw or Enda Walsh buts in on the chat. Features include visits to exhibitions of famous writers, sculptures and landmarks, and smatterings of poetry, prose and song. A great introduction to the wealth of Irish literature.


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